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Analizing Sustainability of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia Using Material Flow Analysis Approach

by Siti Aisyah Saat

Publisher - BookCapital

Category - General Academics

Material flow Analysis (MFA) is a tool to measure material flows within an economic system and it is one of the key element methods internationally recognised as being important for formulating and evaluating environmental policies. The basic premise of MFA is that the amount of resources flow that inputs into the economy determines the amount of all outputs to the environment, including wastes and emissions. This monograph examines the potential of MFA framework for policy makers to provide information regarding Solid Waste Management. Based on the basic conceptual of MFA, the framework of MFA for solid waste management has been developed for analysing sustainability of solid waste management in Malaysia. MFA framework measures the waste flows system and processes for example waste generation, temporary storage, transportations, and treatment and disposal systems. MFA also analyse the actors and institutions involved in solid waste management in Malaysia in order to achieve sustainability policy of solid waste management. The monograph is a useful reader for scholars, researchers, policy makers, students and general public, and an important contribution to environmental policy studies.

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