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Enriching American Homestay - Where is the Flush? (Second Edition)

by Choong Merryn

Publisher - Pelangi ePublishing Sdn. Bhd.

Category - Teen Novel

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be the only Asian foreign student studying in an American high school? Have you ever thought of how life is, being hosted in an American family with two host mums and six host siblings, far, far away from town with only true nature as your companion? And have you ever had the craving for Malaysian food yet the options given were potatoes or salad? This book is about a real life experience of an 18 year old Malaysian student who has never been out of the country alone. But now, she was chosen as an exchange student under the Kennedy-Lugar YES Program, to travel to the United States, and to experience things which she had never expected to encounter! Everything seemed so freshly new and exciting to her; from the compost toilet at home, to the lockers at school and even the scent of pine trees around her in Lynd borough, New Hampshire. As you read through, you can see how her life was full of discoveries and funny moments due to the different cultures and lifestyle of both countries. Also, see how beautiful the countryside is and the experience of American school life.

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