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Model Compositions Series (Primary 4)

by Yvonne S. D.

Publisher - Pelangi ePublishing Sdn. Bhd.

Category - General Academics

The Model Compositions for Primary Level 1-6 series is especially written with young learners in mind and is aimed at exposing them to composition writing in a very user-friendly and enjoyable manner on topics related to their everyday experiences as well as close to their hearts. The model compositions are carefully selected based on the understanding of how a young mind learns, thinks and feels. The topic for each model composition is drawn from the experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings of young learners. The themes are presented in different writing styles. This series provides ample and consistent practice for young learners for every level of primary school. The variety of themes also enables the learners to be exposed to different topics and areas to write well. The first three levels are already published and the next three levels will be completed soon. A learner who starts to practice from Level 1 to Level 6 will have covered 1000 model compositions which will no doubt provide a very solid foundation for excellent writing once the learner moves up to junior high school. The vocabulary bank of the learner will also increase tremendously across a wide variety of topics and themes. Also, embedded in this gem is a good selection of children’s poems and haiku! Idioms, similes, collective nouns and animal sound enhance and enrich the writing mastery as well as the sophistication of expressions of the young learners as they not only grasp models of sentence structures but also learn to transform their ideas using meaningful vocabulary and common expressions. Each composition imparts the underlying values and positive attitudes for character building, living a meaningful life and contributing positively to the community, hence making a positive difference wherever the learners may be.

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