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by Jainal Amambing, Nurul Afzan Wajimin

Publisher - Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

Category - Children

This is a story of Uku, a child who has a buffalo called Ambau. Ambau is a tame and likes to help Uku plough the paddy field. One day, Uku and friends take Ambau for a bath in the river. they are very excited. ath in the river. they are very excited. After bathing, they are surprised to see several leeches stuck on Ambau’s body. Uku feels sorry for Ambau. Uku try to help remove the leeches from Ambau’s body. Unfortunately, Ambau get weaker. Ambau doesn’t even have the strength to graze. Uku helps by feeding Ambau. After several days, Ambau is strong and healthy again. Uku is happy.

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